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Marker Diagnostics, based in Birmingham’s Biomedical Centre, welcomed 10 students from Birmingham City University as part of a work experience programme.

Working together with Mona Rajput, Employer Engagement Consultant at Birmingham City University, the business was able to develop these exciting opportunities and promote them out for students. 

Posted 05 March 2024

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The next generation of scientists

Understanding the powerful impact of BioHub in Birmingham’s biomedical sector and the importance of Marker Health’s research-driven biotech products, Mona saw it as a valuable opportunity to reach out and discuss collaborating with Marker Diagnostics to develop these opportunities.

“These aspiring young minds came with a passion to gain valuable laboratory experience and set their sights on pursuing fulfilling careers in the Science industry. Their passion and commitment have already made a significant impact on our work environment.” 
Danielle Lewis, Senior Research Scientist, Marker Diagnostics

The business also provided students with gaining hands-on exposure to modern laboratory techniques and methodologies.

Through their work experience, the students were encouraged to develop their manual lab skills and understand the importance of the finer details involved in handling patient samples. An invaluable learning experience that will help towards building on their knowledge in this area.

As a result of this experience, students were also able to gain and refine new laboratory skills, helping towards their future career aspirations. 

Forging partnerships and beyond

Biomedical sciences and the research conducted is important to help us better understand the human body. Equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to enter this industry full-time can help towards adding to the incredible work being done and to be done.

During their time working at Marker Diagnostics, the students were able to demonstrate how they can form strong collaborations and friendships with colleagues. Working together with the local community and expanding the business’s resources, which has been instrumental in driving their projects forward.

Reflecting on the recent partnership with BCU, x at Marker Diagnostics adds “As we continue this mutually beneficial partnership, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the growth and achievements of our staff and these students, who undoubtedly have a bright future ahead in the world of Science.''

Working in collaboration with local businesses is instrumental in creating that pathway for students to gain real work experience, whilst providing businesses with the new talent of today.

Interested in working with talented students & graduates?

If you are interested in working with our talented students and graduates, the Employer Engagement team at BCU are on hand to help. Whether you need support with understanding the skills you are looking for or how best to connect with students, the team will work closely with you to create those links.

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