Birmingham-based fitness business launches innovative health and wellbeing app

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Birmingham CEO Dalbir Kaur discusses how the support of the Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM) programme – and its pool of talented students and graduates – helped her to launch her revolutionary new health and wellbeing app.

Posted 20 July 2022

Birmingham CEO Dalbir Kaur at the launch for her new app, Makemefitclub.

A wealth of marketing and operations support

Makemefitclub recently launched their health and wellbeing app for individuals looking to manage their health and those with long-term illnesses.

Prior to this, Dalbir joined HLSM – part-funded by the European Social Fund – and recruited a team of dedicated graduates, whose up-to-date skills in marketing and operations were integral to negotiating Makemefitclub’s tentative steps into the world of business.

Furthermore, with the support of a dedicated HLSM account manager, Dalbir was able to identify the right space and resources needed to film vital promotional pre-launch content.

Taking place at Birmingham City University (BCU)’s Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Dalbir’s account manager sourced talented BCU students to film and edit the promotional video and content.

That all-encompassing support, at various stages of the business journey, is something Dalbir is incredibly thankful for.

“These placements helped to facilitate the launch and launch event for Makemefitclub,” she explains.

“This included sourcing quotes, building key relationships with partners, informing key documents for promotional filming, event planning, developing marketing documents for press releases, and creating content for social media and our landing page.”

A new platform for health and wellbeing

Dalbir Kaur proudly holding the Makemefitclub health and wellbeing app. Dalbir describes Makemefitclub as “a health revolution”.

“We provide a platform for wellbeing experts to showcase their wellbeing services, increasing their clientele through classes, which in turn provides basic knowledge to members on how to get fit and, more importantly, to stay healthy,” Dalbir explains.

Once signed up, members can then further tackle risk factors such as diet, exercise and mental health by booking a 1:1 session with experts who align with their health goals.

“The app facilitates this with ease with our built-in features, such as profile management, payment handling, video conferencing and certification and insurance monitoring,” Dalbir continues.

“These together maintain the quality of our app for our members and experts.

There were also challenges to consider when launching the app.

“To set ourselves apart and ensure the public knows we aren’t just another fitness app was challenging,” Dalbir says.

“However, once we explained the concept, it became infinitely easier to onboard experts and members.”

One simple goal

Dalbir and the Makemefitclub team have one simple goal: to reduce the long-term illness burden here in the UK by helping to identify their root causes and tackling those lifestyle factors, physically, nutritionally, and mentally.

Makemefitclub is an all-live app with real experts such as personal trainers, counsellors, therapists, nutritionists, and fitness instructors using the app to deliver sessions and classes to the community.

On the platform, Dalbir explains that the app works to “increase their clientele and our members aim to get fit and stay healthy.

To provide an additional benefit, UK wellbeing companies and those who support healthy lifestyles present offers to our community as well!

The unique selling point is we are not a fitness app, we are a new health service.”

Dalbir goes on further to explain that current health management pathways can very much focus on symptom management and the knowledge regarding health management in the public is extremely limited.

This has led to an increase in many long-term illnesses nationwide. The Makemefitclub app is focused on knowledge and getting to the root causes (risk factors) in an aim to reduce the long-term illness burden here in the UK.

“Our platform aims to provide members with the foundation, support and knowledge to take back control over their health, while increasing the public’s access to real experts and helping their businesses thrive.”

Recruiting the right talent to grow your business

Dalbir is incredibly thankful to HLSM, her account manager, and the talented students and graduates that helped her get Makemefitclub off the ground.

She is also blown away by the outputs of the students and graduates that helped.

“We were extremely impressed with how quickly they were able to adapt to the professional environment and produce quality work.”

Makemefitclub is not the only health-related organisation to benefit from HLSM’s support.

City of Birmingham Hockey Club have had a long and fruitful partnership with HLSM, growing their social media presence considerably as a result.

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