Visit to Mother London Advertising Agency

Trips and visits are an important part of our students experience. They give students an insight into the real world of business an opportunity to meet people working in industry. Zahra Farhanj, a student on our International MBA course, reflects on an opportunity to visit Mother advertising agency in London and how it has supported her learning and future career plans.

As an international IMBA student passionate about marketing, I am deeply curious about the inner workings of an advertising agency: how it operates; who are the individuals behind the scenes; and many more questions. For this reason, I was very excited when our tutors, Paul Radway and Jenny Huang, granted us the opportunity to visit Mother London Advertising Agency.

On our way to London, I made new friendships and absorbed insights from fellow students about their experiences studying abroad and their plans after they graduate. This improved my communication skills, particularly with a diverse group of people and expanded my network with BCU's lecturers and students.

Entering the dynamic realm of Mother London was stepping into the heart of modern marketing innovation. The air buzzed with excitement, promising a day of learning and inspiration. As you step in, the first thing that attracts you is the wall of pictures of the proud mothers of team members of Mother agency, setting the tone for the agency's creative atmosphere.

Our introduction to Mother was expertly delivered by Global Facilities Director, Catherine Nickson, who explained the agency's development from humble beginnings with just 25 individuals in 1996 to now reaching more than one thousand people with offices across the world. This highlighted for me the transformative power of diligence and dedication and reminded me that with time and hard work, even ambitious goals are reachable.

Catherine then presented the agency's innovative communal table, which was inspired by Ford's production line, facilitating random encounters among team members from different departments. This emphasis on collaboration and sharing of ideas highlighted the agency's commitment to fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem.

Our journey continued with a presentation by two members of the creative team, Jay Daniells and Will Lancaster. Their infectious passion and creativity were shown in every element of their presentation, from the engaging delivery to the vibrant visuals and captivating work samples. As Paul asked them about their background and how they joined Mother, I understood that I could be like them after I graduate from BCU and my dreams are closer than I expected. Another fascinating point they emphasised was the inevitability of mistakes and rejection in marketing. However, they underscored the importance of perseverance, urging us not to give up when we face setbacks and the necessity of resilience and continuous improvement to ultimately achieve successful marketing strategies.

As our visit drew to a close, we engaged in a lively discussion with our module leader, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Paul Radway.  Our tutors’ constant support and willingness to listen to feedback are good examples of BCU's commitment to enhancing student experiences.

Reflecting on our trip, visiting Mother London Advertising Agency not only inspired us for the future but also provided valuable insights into the world of business and marketing that will benefit every student.

By Zahra Farhanj, International MBA student

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