Blists Hill Museum

Step back in time with us as we recount the MSc Management Suite September 2023 Cohort's unforgettable trip to Blists Hill Victorian Town. Led by six academic staff members, 65 students explored this open-air museum in Telford, Shropshire, delving into the sights and sounds of 19th-century life. Join us as we highlight the key moments of this enriching excursion filled with historical discovery.

A day field trip was organised by the Graduate School of Management for our MSc Management Suite September 2023 Cohort students. Six academic staff accompanied students on this trip. The trip was organised by Dr Zahra Shaygan (associate course leader) and Cristina Chirita (course leader). The academic colleagues who accompanied us were Dr Juanling Huang, Dr Sehar Zulfiqar, Anh Phan, and Dr Omer Ozturkoglu.
On a sunny Spring morning, 65 MSc Management students across all pathways of the September 2023 cohort embarked on a journey to Blists Hill Victorian Town, located in Telford. The day was filled with excitement and wonder as we stepped back in time to experience life in the 19th century.

Our day began with exploring the Victorian town, it is an open-air museum built on a former industrial complex located in the Madeley area of Telford. The museum attempts to recreate the sights, sounds and smells of a Victorian Shropshire town in the late 19th century.
The museum has three districts, a town area with Victorian-era shops such as a bank, bakery, bicycle shop and post office. An industrial district that provided various employment from a blast furnace and wrought iron works and a countryside district with buildings such as a squatter's cottage and tin roof church.

After four hours of being in the Victorian Twon, we had lunch and coffee and then drove to Iron Bridge. The world's first iron bridge was erected over the River Severn in Shropshire in 1779. This pioneering structure marked a turning point in English design and engineering; after it was built, cast iron came to be widely used in the construction of bridges, aqueducts and buildings.

Then we went to Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron to discover innovation in the 19th century of the UK. As the sun began to set over the iron bridge, we gathered for a group photo to commemorate our unforgettable day. The smiles on our students' faces were a testament to the joy and camaraderie that had been shared throughout our adventure.
In conclusion, our day trip to Blists Hill Victorian Town was a resounding success. Not only did it provide valuable insights into the history and culture of the UK, but it also fostered a sense of community amongst our MSc Management September 2023 Cohort students. We are confident that this experience will be cherished for years to come, and we look forward to planning more enriching excursions in the future.

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