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Katie Holmden-Bollard

Katie Holmdon Bollard - Business Student Profile Picture “Hi, I’m Katie, I’m in my first year at Birmingham City University and I study on the Marketing course.

One thing I am most enthusiastic about is how practical based the course is. We are able to apply the knowledge gained in lectures to tasks within our weekly seminars. I like how we share ideas with the rest of the group on certain tasks. For example, as part of my Design in Marketing module, we went to the Bullring shopping centre to analyse shop window designs, presenting the best and worst examples back to the class, using our design skills and knowledge previously taught.

I like how our exams are frequent throughout the year. They are very practical based which helps us to apply our knowledge better. My flatmate has exams that consist of long essay writing, so I am very pleased I escape that on my course. It’s very relieving knowing you have practical exams on your course instead!

One final thing that I like about my course, is how nice and helpful all the staff are. They invite guest speakers to come in and talk to us about a number of things, such as employability opportunities when you graduate, as well as teaching us new skills; such as using programmes like Adobe Photoshop. They also run sessions to help support you with your coursework, where they provide you with direct feedback there and then.”

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