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Averil Wagoner

Averil Wagoner - Business Student Profile Picture“Hello, my name is Averil Wagoner. I wanted to let you know a little about my experience studying Business and Management at Birmingham City University.

I can say with certainty that studying the Business programme at Birmingham City University has been one of the best choices that I have ever made. With the course being mostly seminar based, students within the faculty become more connected. When I applied for University, this stood out to me the most. I didn’t want to just sit in a lecture theatre and be taught, I wanted to engage with other people around me and be able to share ideas.

I was very surprised to learn that most of my lecturers have real industry experience, which included running their own businesses.

Studying Business and Management has provided me with some amazing opportunities, such as joining the Dean at a networking event. I’ve also worked for the School as a Student Academic Leader. The faculty always look to enhance the student experience and truly care about what the students want.

So much of my time at Birmingham City University has been filled with wonderful opportunities that it’s hard to actually pinpoint one specific moment during my three years of study. I feel that Birmingham City University has provided me with the confidence and a solid foundation to pursue my aspirations after I leave. They have believed in me and it’s helped me to believe in myself.” 

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