Vibhuti Das

Founder of Das Universal Academy, CEO of Guru Prasadam

Vibhuti Das is a Professional Ambassador for our BSc (Hons) Business Finance  course.

Why do you endorse this course?

The BSc (Hons) Business finance course is an excellent foundation for the future entrepreneurs and financial experts to learn from one of the best educational institution i.e Birmingham City Business School. There is a lot of demand of finance professionals and skilled entrepreneurs in the local and international arena as we are facing challenging times and economic turbulence due to unprecedented circumstances elevated by Covid-19. Moreover, this course meet the demands of the job market and provide knowledge, technical and professional skills that will make students more interesting to employers in the job markets in the years to come.

What is your background?

I am an educationist, health promoter through natural ways of healing & being and a social entrepreneur. I have my education in science, nutrition, Master’s in English literature, training in NLP (Neuro- linguistic programming), courses in yoga, pranayama and meditation.

From a young age, I have worked with different Institutions and individuals who were involved in a lot of social work at the ground level. I have around 23 years of experience in social welfare and for 13 years as a social entrepreneur. I am the founder and director of a higher secondary school. I also run a successful herbs and food supplements private ltd company. And conduct workshops about yoga, pranayama and meditation all around the world including India, UK, Canada, USA and Kenya.

What is your specialism?

Initially, I worked at the grass root level with people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in India to address various social issues and help the underprivileged to have access to education, necessities of life and medical care. I always teach individuals to work not only on the physical but mental well-being too to improve the quality of life and thus the productivity of the society at large through various activities. Today I work internationally in different countries with different institutions and individuals. I have learnt through experience what I always wanted to do i.e aim for transforming lives for the purpose of collective good. I believe in implementing a low cost business solution for social causes.

What are your employability tips?

I am often asked this question that what it takes to make it successful while there is so much challenge and competition in any work area. While, for that the education from the right institution is so important, at the same time be open and be ready to learn and gain experience from wherever you can and dedicate your whole self to your dreams.

It’s the undying passion in your heart and the hard work by you at the end of the day that will lead to success. Run after excellence and success would be a by-product anyway. Also learn to use technology as that makes work and life so much easier.