Uzair Delair

Business and Finance - BA (Hons) 

Uzair spent a week in Mexico teaching English. Stepping outside his comfort zone to volunteer has reaped huge benefits – and not just for the young people he taught.

A rewarding and enriching experience

"Volunteering abroad has been one of the most educational, inspiring, and exciting things I have done in my life. Despite all the challenges, living and working in another culture while donating my time and energy for a worthwhile cause has resulted in great rewards and enriched my life long after returning home. Over the week I spent there, the bond you build with the people is amazing, especially over such a short time. It was hard to come back so soon."

Impressing employers and improving employability

"It has improved my employability. It has given me more confidence when applying for jobs. When applying for placements the employers asked me about it, were all very interested in finding out more and were really impressed."

A chance to practise skills … and gain new ones

"Volunteering in Mexico has improved my global awareness and knowledge of a foreign language. The opportunity to work overseas gave me the chance to express my organisation, problem solving and administration skills as I planned the project as well as participated and led it. I think it has given me a greater opportunity to define who I am, to expand the way I view things, to see the world through other people's eyes, and to incorporate my experiences into the way I think, live, and feel."