Mark Persard

National Contact Centre Manager, Ingeus

Graduated in 2005

Mark began his career as an apprentice graphic designer at a newspaper but always wanted to make a difference in a more challenging management position – and since June 2011, as National Contact Centre Manager at Ingeus, Mark and his team have helped hundreds of disabled people into employment.

He began his degree in Management at Birmingham City University in 2000 and, between working for the Civil Service, graduated in 2005. He has always felt this was a momentous achievement in his life being the first member of his family to go to university.

Mark began working for Ingeus more than five years ago. The organisation helps disabled people back into work, and his passion and talent were quickly recognised as he was rapidly advanced to a management position.

His job is not easy but he is driven by a desire to help. “It’s is a very stretching job,” he continues. “We are competing in an economic downturn, but I am very, very motivated and love the challenge.”

Mark’s focus on helping others is not limited to his clients and he has also helped colleagues gain management roles while devising a training programme based on what he learnt at Birmingham City University.

Mark has now begun studying for his Master's degree, which he balances alongside busy work and family commitments.