Lily Pebbles

Beauty blogger and vlogger

Graduated in 2010

When Lily Pebbles began her beauty and lifestyle blog as part of a digital marketing module, she had no idea how many doors would open up for her. Now she runs her blog and YouTube channel full-time, attends regular press events, collaborates with brands such as ASOS and won a Johnson & Johnson Journalism Award for Best Independent Beauty Blogger.

Lily launched her blog as part of the Digital Marketing module in her third year of her degree in Marketing, Advertising and PR BA (Hons), during which students are encouraged to develop their own blogs to gain experience. Now, she has returned to the University as a guest speaker to encourage and inspire other marketing students.

She added: "Working with ASOS and filming a video for them was really enjoyable as I was not only working with one of my favourite brands, but I was also able to return to Birmingham City University to discover some of the most stylish students!"

Lily Pebbles is her real name – well almost. Pebbles is her middle name, chosen by her sisters when they were seven and 10.