Lauren Moult

Law - LLB

Lauren knew she wanted to be lawyer, so gaining work experience was key for her to break into the competitive legal sector. Volunteering at BCU’s Law Clinic has given Lauren the confidence and skills she needs to pursue her dream career.

"Going to university was always a goal for me. I knew I wanted to continue my education journey, but I wasn’t too sure what subject was right for me. I discovered a love for the TV show Suits, which prompted me to do some research into being a lawyer. It sounded like a really interesting career, so my mind was made up – a law degree it was!

As I came closer to choosing which university I wanted to attend, it wasn’t just the course or the reputation I considered, but the university itself and how it made me feel. Compared to other university open days, I felt the most welcome at BCU. There were lots of current staff and students to talk to and ask about their experiences, all of which were overwhelmingly positive.

I really enjoyed my experience at the BCU open day, it was fun and enjoyable, I even ended up in a mock court case in BCU's mock Crown Court! It was a lot of fun and made me want to attend BCU even more. It showed me that BCU would really prepare me for my career as a lawyer, being able to carry out mock cases and moots is a great learning experience.

BCU has given me so many opportunities to gain invaluable experience. Since the first year of my degree, I have volunteered for a charity called Support Through Court at the BCU Law Clinic. The Law Clinic is where BCU law students can volunteer to give legal advice to the public and make a real experience in the legal community. Working with the charity has given me real-world experience and has also made me more confident when talking to clients and making connections in the legal world.

I love being able to help real people and make a real change in their lives. My voluntary placement has made me realise I was to become a solicitor, which is a really competitive career. Being able to gain such good experience at university is invaluable and is something I will always be thankful to BCU for.

My course was a big step up from college, there is much more independent study and a heavier workload. Time management was a big challenge for me, but I was supported from day one by my personal tutor and module leaders. My personal tutor has always gone above and beyond to help me with any queries I had. Knowing this support is there and that there is always someone who is open to questions is very comforting.

The staff, and everyone else at BCU, were so welcoming when I first started. Everyone smiles and says hello around campus. Plus, I’ve made a good bunch of friends at university, who I know I’ll keep in touch with in the future.

Another thing I like most is the campus, the campus is so clean and modern, and it is nice coming here. Whether that is for a lecture, to visit the library or to sit and carry out some work in the numerous study spaces available. It is a great place to be!

Since coming to BCU, I have become more independent and driven. University has taught me how to be a self-starter and work independently.

To me 'I am BCU' means feeling like I belong in a supportive community, where I can be myself, excel in my studies and be the best me I can be."