Amy Kirkland

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations - BA (Hons)

Amy Kirkland found the live marketing module invaluable – from improving her writing skills to demonstrating her talents to potential employers to simply understanding the realities of working in the industry.

“We were given a client, The Library of Birmingham, and their general strategy. From this, we had the task of creating a portfolio of 11 items –anything from press releases to advertising copy to constructing mobile ‘apps’.

I learned that you’re not going to ‘like’ all clients – I think within the Marketing, Advertising and PR industries you kind of go into uni thinking, “oh, I’m going to be able to choose my clients and I’m going to love all of them,” when in reality it’s very different. Being given The Library of Birmingham really was a wake-up call – some clients are very challenging to understand and interpret.

You get opportunities to meet with the client, and we also went on a field trip to both the old and current libraries to understand them further. Visiting a library might sound dull, but actually it was really interesting and was essential to understanding their needs.

My writing skills were improved greatly, as in my portfolio I focused on mainly on media items such as a backgrounder and press release so I worked heavily on my writing style and media formats. Also time management; you really can’t leave everything until the last minute as there are so many items to complete.

It’s definitely interested my placement employer in the sense that when I handed it to them, they were able to clearly see where my skills lie and how I think strategically. It’s also been quite useful in really backing up my cover letters and proving I meet the job specification.”