Marketing - My Three Reasons Why

3 Reasons Why Emily Smith 300x200 Why should you consider applying to study at Birmingham City Business School?

You've probably already heard about our practice based learning, our unique relationship with the city we're in, and our newly upgraded facilities, but what do our students think are the real selling points for their courses?

So we asked Emily, a second year Marketing (Advertising and PR) student, to give us three reasons why she chose to join Birmingham City Business School.

Endless Opportunities

There are so many things to get involved in. The lecturers are constantly sending out emails about different things coming up at university and externally. There’re things like the launch of the ‘It’s not always banter’ campaign, summer internships, trips and events, part time jobs in marketing roles, and of course the Link Agency.

The Link Agency is a student-led, fully functioning marketing agency, and is one of the best things to get involved with while studying Marketing here. You get to meet more people on your course, work with live clients and get valuable experience working on a real project. You could be doing anything from creating ideas to promoting a product, running an event or managing a social media campaign.

Another great event is Pizza with a Professional, where you get try out your networking skills whilst gaining insights into the industry (and get free pizza)!

If there isn’t an opportunity there for you, you can make your own. The course director was fully supportive of an idea that me and my friends had, helping us build it and even helping us to secure funding.

All the Support

There’s so much support out there for the marketing students. The lecturers run an open-door policy meaning you can speak to them any time. You also have your personal tutor to meet with, who you can talk to about anything - and you might even get a cup of tea or biscuits.

However, it’s not just the lecturers there to help, the whole university has so much to offer. We have the Graduate+ team helping to build your personal skills, and the Careers+ office with dedicated placement officers ready to help you get the best out of your CV – and get the best placement. There’s also the Centre for Academic Success to help you with your coursework and the infamous Harvard Referencing.

Real world teaching

It’s not just textbooks! While there are theories to learn, everything in lectures and seminars is applied to a real-life business or situation. We get a much wider understanding of the topic, helping our assessments and preparing us for placements and careers. As part of preparing us for the real world, they also regularly bring in guest speakers and agencies to talk about their experiences; last year we met people from agencies including Cogent and Spark44.

Good luck with your application and hope to see you see next year!