Multi-Unit Leaders

How many essays are there?

In Part 1: Postgraduate Diploma - there are five in total, one after each module. You will be writing on a multi-unit topic and relating it back to your business, so it has real practical relevance. For the fifth module you will work on a group project on a business issue and at the end of the programme, along with your group, you will produce the final assignment and deliver a one hour presentation to an expert panel.

How big is each assignment?

At the end of each module you will need to complete an assignment, with a maximum word count of 2,500 words. Most individuals find it quite difficult to keep to that number; we are looking for you to prioritise what you need to focus on. These assignments will help you put the models into practise within your own business so it is a very practical programme.

What is the assignment for the final project?

The assignment will be a group project on a real business issue. It will be approximately a 5,000 word assignment followed by a one hour presentation to a panel, during which you will discuss the report and justify your recommendations and conclusions.

How many hours do I need to spend on the course?

We will give you a reading list and relevant articles in addition to the assignment question at the beginning of each module. You also have access to Birmingham City University library facilities. For the other modules, you would need to consider allocating five hours per week of personal reading, research etc. Approximately 10 hours per week will be required for the finance module assignment and for the in-company project report.

Do we get dedicated one-to-one time with an expert?

This is not structured into the programme but your delegate handbook, issued at the induction session, has contact details with the module experts who will be available to answer your questions throughout the programme. We want to provide you with as much support as possible to ensure that your time on the programme is a success.

What is the process for the selection process?

Once you have met the entry requirements you will sent an admission assignment, which is the gateway for entry onto the course. In this assignment we will be looking for your ability to critically assess what you write - we will provide guidance on how to do this. This does not go towards your final mark on the programme, 's more to help you benchmark where you are and give you a trial run of what you will be expected to produce for the assignment at the end of each module.

Is this degree level?

This is at the next level beyond a degree. It is a postgraduate programme at Level 7 on the National Standard for Qualifications.

What would happen if you did not complete the programme or left the business?

You are able to interrupt your studies at any time, and carry forward to the next year the marks that you have already achieved.

Will other companies be attending?

There will be participants on this programme from other companies.

What support are delegates given?

You will be trained on accelerated learning techniques, how to write assignments and time management skills. Email tips to support you with your learning will be sent on a regular basis. You will also have the support of the module experts and the library facilities.