Multi-Unit Leaders

The benefits of our development programmes for the Individual Multi-Unit Leaders

  • Increase your earning power – improved performance leads to improved bonus.
  • Increase your professionalism and employability.
  • Help you to 'hit the ground running'.
  • Involved in community of like-minded multi-unit professionals.

Time to change?

Do you feel it's time to take the next step on the career ladder? Would a formal qualification help you with this?

If the answer is yes, you may want to consider the widely-respected and award-shortlisted postgraduate programme offered by the Academy of Multi-Unit Leadership. Our qualifications cater for the needs of multi-unit leaders, unit leaders and central support managers and investigate 'the art and science' of retail, hospitality and service multi-site management.

Candidates have the ability to achieve a Postgraduate Diploma and many Area/Regional Managers and Central Support Personnel top-up to a Masters. There is no exam, only marked assignments throughout the programme, and you will be taught by experts with practical experience of unit, area and regional leadership.

Why choose us?

  • 30 per cent of candidates on the course are consequently promoted.
  • The qualification is directly applicable to your role because it focuses on day-to-day engagement within your business.
  • It will ensure you can compete with your peers: courses have already been delivered to more than 500 leaders.
  • You only have to be away from the office for 15 days over the year – just over once a month.
  • We can take you from Postgraduate Diploma to Masters and then on to a Doctorate of Business Administration.

What the candidates think

We retain 95 per cent of all candidates and the same percentage tell us our teaching is excellent or very good.