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Professor Chris Edger reveals... how to save the High Street

Every day news breaks of a High Street chain in deep trouble. But what sets apart the winners from the losers?

Chris Edger, Professor of Multi-Unit Leadership, asks this very question in his new video as he looks at ways the retail industry can survive and prosper in our town centres.

He believes changes to the economic structure of retailing and consumers demand for 'difference' offers huge opportunities for local retailers.


Professor Edger has also produced an 18-minute podcast as part of his focus on the High Street.

He touches on the history of town centre shopping and explains how in the past few years the High Street has fallen victim to "Big Name overload" - with too many chains having too many stores spread across the country.

He cites 'local leadership' as one of the critical factors for the future, along with the need for an integrated approach — such as that seen on Kings Heath High Street in Birmingham where local merchants and chain retailers mix successfully.

About Professor Chris Edger

Chris holds the chair of Multi-Unit Leadership at Birmingham City Business School.

Chris has worked for over 20 years with senior leisure and retail multi-unit operations, sales and support expertise working for domestic and internationally-owned multi-site companies.

His key areas are 'Service Leadership' and 'Operational Improvement and Innovation' within multi-site service contexts.