Jenna Amedee

BA (Hons) International Business

I am from St Lucia, in the Caribbean. I progressed on to the final year of the BA (Hons) International Business at Birmingham City University in 2008, having started my studies back home.

I reviewed several universities in the UK, but Birmingham City University captivated me most in terms of the wide range of courses offered and different teaching methods used.

Having come directly from a small country and not knowing anyone, I found myself having to learn a new way of life. Birmingham City University provided me with a support system which helped me to adjust and adapt quickly to university life. Within no time, I felt like I belonged to the huge network of people at the University.

The academics, and administrative and support staff are always very helpful, friendly and student-focused. Also, the Business School provides a wide range of academic support including one-to-one tutorials, a virtual learning environment, lecturers’ feedback and advice on course selections. What I have enjoyed most is the friendly environment for learning which the University offers as well as the chance to meet people from around the world. Because of this vibrant cultural diversity, I have made lifetime friends who have exposed me to many wonderful new experiences.

I believe that I am a more confident and knowledgeable person. Birmingham City University has taught me far more than just academically; it has taught me about life in a globalised environment. My aim is to develop my skills in the business arena – the University has laid the foundation for me.

Coming to Birmingham City University is the best decision that I have made for my future. I have no regrets coming here and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to study in a friendly, culturally diverse setting where students are always given number one priority.