International Student Buddies

International Student Buddies Image 350x263 - Buddies in letterman jackets Our award winning International Student Buddies are here to make sure your transition to University life goes as smoothly as possible. 

All international students can sign up to the scheme, and will be given a buddy to help with a lot of different things, in and out of Uni.

But don't just take it from us - here are the International Student Buddies to explain the scheme in their own words!

Meet our Buddies!

Arzu Ismayilova Slider Image 227x255
Arzu Ismayilova

I am from Azerbaijan, the country where the West meets the East. I am an international student, studying MSc Management and International Business with four years experience in banking. Now I am one of your student buddies who is really enthusiastic about helping people. If you need any help, support and advice I am always here!

Cristiana Cardoso Slider Image 227x255
Cristiana Cardoso

I’m a Criminology PhD student and have previously completed an undergraduate and masters programmes in Criminology as well. I speak Portuguese and English, though I can
understand some Spanish and I am learning French. I love meeting new people and look forward to hearing from you!

Hafsa Rajak Slider Image 227x255
Hafsa Rajak

I am of Bangladeshi origin as this is where my grandparents and parents were born. I am currently in my third year studying BA (Hons) English and I am an aspiring teacher. This summer I worked with international students and we travelled to different places around England. It was great getting to know new people and exploring!

Hao Zeng Slider Image 227x255
Hao Zeng

I am a PhD student in Business in my second year. I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I believe impossible is nothing so just do it!

Josiah Cho Han Ng Slider Image 227x255
Josiah Cho Han Ng

I am a Malaysian student currently studying in the second year of Psychology with Criminology. Being in a foreign country can sometimes be scary. Therefore, as an international student, I can relate to many of the struggles or difficulties you may face. Don’t be afraid to say ‘hi’ and talk with me about anything!

Momina Khan Slider Image 227x255
Momina Khan

I’m currently an undergraduate Psychology student. Culture excites me so much, so I absolutely adore shopping for South Asian clothes, watching Japanese horror, reading international authors, and eating as many cuisines as I can consume!

Qingqing Yang (Nicole) Slider Image 227x255
Qingqing Yang (Nicole)

With years of work experience as a fashion designer in Shanghai, I left China to study abroad. I successfully completed an MA degree in Fashion Promotion with distinction last year and I am now studying towards an MBA. I also enjoy spending time with friends from different cultures and backgrounds as well as sharing experiences!

Yoke Ping Chua (Stephanie) Slider Image 227x255
Yoke Ping Chua (Stephanie)

What have I learned since moving from Malaysia to the UK? Studying abroad means freedom with responsibilities, extraordinary adventures and a remarkable endurance you never knew you had in yourself.