Tigerlab BITES

With COVID-19 our Tigerlab LIVE! events at the University are suspended so we welcome you to Tigerlabs BITES! – our new content stream that informs, inspires and bring us together again.

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BITES will virtually bring you into the Board Room in the Curzon building, where you will meet the lifeblood of our University: those that initiate and transform thoughts and minds. Of course, we are referring to our academics.

Episode 1

In this, our first episode, we are going to learn about the nature of recessions, from economist Dr Bruce Philp, our Head of Research and Enterprise here in the Business School. Bruce takes us through the impact of COVID on the economy, and explains a recession.

Episode 2

In this episode of tigerLAB BITES!, we will learn about the concept of leader coaching with Dr. Chris Edger.

Chris takes us through the central premise of the book of how leaders think and feel, affects how they behave with others, which affects their performance. 

Episode 3

In this episode of tigerLAB BITES!, we will learn about transforming your firm for growth with Mark Gilman, Professor of SME Growth and Development.

Mark takes us through on why we need to understand growth, how to avoid low performance in SMEs and gives some practical steps that SMEs can take on board. 

Episode 4

Nicola draws upon her extensive experience of marketing across different industries. In this TigerLAB BITE, she focuses on the customer experience, looking at where value can be added at each point along the customer journey.