Innovation Workshops

Are you looking for new insights to take your business forward?

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Coming up with new ideas for your business can be a great way to overcome obstacles, and can lead to the realisation of new products, services and processes, and ultimately, more sales.

Sometimes it can be hard to implement this on your own, and this is where our Business Innovation Workshops can help to introduce you to new ways of thinking, tools and techniques to try, and a great space to generate and share your ideas with like-minded professionals.

Our next Business Innovation Workshops are running on the following dates, from 9:30am - 4:30pm:

  • Wednesday 8 September
  • Wednesday 15 September
  • Wednesday 29 September

Our business support specialists will help SMEs* develop new knowledge, experiment with practical exercises, and drive innovation across three specific topics:

  • Envisioning for Growth through Innovation
  • Strategy and Leadership for Innovation
  • Marketing for Innovation

You will gain an understanding of the concepts, tools, and techniques needed to create a culture of innovation and develop a framework to implement in your own company to drive business growth.

During our three full-day workshops, we will help you to identify, understand, and assess your company’s strategic and cultural abilities, and create a business environment of innovation and growth:

  • Scanning and Analysing your Environment
  • Developing a Strategy for your Business
  • The BIG 10 Capabilities of Growth
  • Entrepreneurial Process, Competitive Positioning, and Business Modelling
  • Innovation, Leadership, and Culture for Innovation
  • Marketing in Turbulent Times and Understanding Customers
  • Understanding and Developing your Value Proposition

Innovation is crucial to the success of any organisation.

Sandra Carter, Director of Higher Arts Productions, attended our last workshops and found the programme very beneficial for generating new ideas and creating a culture of innovation for her business.

"Working alone as a creative, it was great to have a group of peers to interact with – to share ideas with others and gain input on how they innovate in their own business. It gave me a new approach to how I strategize my business and it helped to hear from a range of lecturers, and to learn from their specialist areas of expertise. The handouts were a fantastic resource that have helped develop my thinking and create content to add to my strategy. It was all well-organised by a professional team."

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