Business Advice Centre – Introducing Our Live Student Projects

BCU’s Business Advice Centre celebrated its first anniversary in November 2020 and has made great strides in becoming a recognised hub that brings together industry, academics, and students across a wide range of services specifically designed to help your business. 

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One of the BAC’s major achievements is its Live Student Projects, where our undergraduate and postgraduate students get the opportunity to put theory into practice by working on a real-life business challenge provided by local, nationwide, and international businesses.

During its first year, the Live Student Projects have offered support in problem-solving and strategy development for B2B and B2C client growth across 22 businesses with our undergraduate students, and a further 11 businesses with our postgraduate students.

We are currently in the process of assisting 21 local and international companies within the areas of marketing, management, accounting, finance, and economics. Also, outcomes can be defined for other areas of your business, providing each project offers a solution to a business problem and growth opportunities within your business.

Your business can receive support around:

  • Marketing strategies across various channels, such as PR; use of analytical tools, and competitor evaluation
  • Commercial viability and sustainability of products
  • Improving sales and market positioning
  • Structure and make-up of the local business community, and challenges concerning Brexit
  • The impact of COVID-19 in the workplace
  • How inclusivity and diversity is brought to life in a real workforce setting
  • Talent acquisition and retention strategies
  • Maximising the use of existing services and understanding the customer experience
  • Statistical insights within the financial area of each business
  • Consulting experience and product development on B2B and B2C platforms
  • Establishing a competitive, global landscape whilst enhancing technological capabilities and platforms
  • Researching past and current industry trends and supporting strategies for entry into foreign markets
Can you help us?

We are always looking for additional companies to assist us in providing projects for our dedicated students. By providing a Live Student Project, your business can help develop and enhance our students’ employability. By working collaboratively with us on a project, you can help cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs and employees.

JL Education Consultants Ltd is one local business that found benefit from offering a Live Student Project:

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with the students at BCU. They helped my business with two pivotal projects on leadership and marketing. The students were terrific, hardworking, and conscientious. They provided some excellent advice and recommendations, and also really brightened up my day whenever I talked to them.”

Your business could also benefit by:

  • An in-depth analysis of commercial insights that help support your business goals
  • Free, no-cost support around high-quality research, data analysis and resolving outcomes carried out by motivated, young professionals supported by sector-experienced academics.
  • Practice-based methodologies used to facilitate strategic aims and encourage increased revenue and growth.

If you have a business challenge that you do not have the resources, time, or expertise to tackle, and would like to assist our students in gaining valuable business experience whilst always under the supervision of our experienced academic leads, then please contact us at