Professor Deborah Lock

Deborah is an experienced academic leader with more than 20 years’ strategic level experience in higher education. As a career-hopper she has had numerous jobs (Bid Writer, Business Development Manager, Director of Enterprise, College Director of Education to name a few) through which she has developed a reputation for the successful delivery of education related change management projects.

Deborah is passionate about ensuring HE business education provides students and graduates with the opportunity to develop the skills required to enhance their employability prospects irrespective of whether they are at market entry or career progression level. She was awarded her professorship in 2019 based on her work around inclusive education practices.

Interesting fact: Deborah was an underachiever at school and left with 1 GCSE; Going to university at 28 years old opened the doors to a wide-ranging career and a lifelong belief that it’s never too late to learn.

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