6 reasons why Birmingham is the best city for business school students

Birmingham has long since been associated with big business in Britain. As the heart of the industrial revolution, and the birthplace of industry giants like Lloyd’s Bank and Cadbury’s, it is a city rich with history from every sector of business. So why should you study here?

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In modern times, it has grown to become an important commercial centre, both nationally and internationally.

It is home to big names from the worlds of accounting, finance, marketing and management. And it is always expanding – the city’s Eastside development will see several new office blocks opening in the coming years.

All of these factors add up to make Birmingham an ideal city to study in. Here are 6 reasons why Birmingham is the best city for business school students.


It has long been expected that in the coming years, there will be an exodus of business leaving London to relocate to other parts of the UK. The capital is a saturated market, and as improvements in transport and communication technology bring the regions of the country closer together, firms will start to look away from the London bubble to more fertile lands.

HSBC is one of the first major names to uproot. The banking firm is moving from its existing HQ in Canary Wharf to a brand new office in Birmingham, not long after German investment bank Deutsche Bank expanded their operations in the city. This will bring new accounting and finance jobs to the area, with more set to follow from London in the coming years.

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Colmore Row

Named after the street that runs directly through it, the Colmore Row Business District is the heart of business in Birmingham. It is comprised of companies both little and large from a range of sectors – you’ll find accounting firms, finance advisors, marketing agencies and business analysts. This is on top of the many law firms situated here, as the area is also Birmingham’s legal district.

Within Colmore Row, you’ll also find an amazing selection of restaurants and bars, not to mention the historic Birmingham Cathedral which sits right in the middle of the district. Plus, New Street Station, the Bullring shopping centre, and Broad Street are all just 5 minutes away.


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We’ve told you already about the history of business in Birmingham. But that doesn’t mean the city is stuck in the past – it’s bursting with new ideas!

For five years running, Birmingham has produced the highest number of new businesses outside of London. Affordable office space, new developments and a talent base not as thinly stretched as the capital means that Birmingham is ideal for new businesses looking to get up and running successfully. So whether you’re looking for a job, or just want to be in the best place to get your business ideas off the ground, Birmingham has you covered!

Compact and central

You may have noticed that everything mentioned so far is situated right in the middle of Birmingham. And that’s because, for the most part, everything is within a quick car ride of everything else.

A lot of modern European cities have their commercial districts split up across them, necessitating a lot of commuting. But in Birmingham, almost all of the business opportunities, both old and new, are next door to each other. Digbeth’s thriving start-up business culture, centred around the world-famous Custard Factory, is a 10 minute walk away from Colmore Row. Birmingham City Council’s HQ is equally close to the retail heart of the city as it is to Symphony Hall and Arena Birmingham.

Furthermore, our great transport links means that anything slightly out of the way, like the National Exhibition Centre complex or the Jewellery Quarter, are easy to get to via New Street Station. The station also connects us to most areas of Great Britain directly, including all three capital cities. So, you’re never far from home in Birmingham!


It might seem like we’re bad mouthing London, but we love our neighbours to the south really! How else do you explain the fact that we’re building a high speed train between us?

The HS2 train line project has finally started construction, with the aim of connecting London and Birmingham in a journey time of less than 50 minutes. The line will also be extended to Manchester in its second phase. This brand new transport link will open up London in new ways for people in Birmingham and the West Midlands, as it will become feasible to commute to and from London every day.

That’s not to say this is a one way street however – it’s expected that Londoners will also be coming to Birmingham for work, closely followed by big name businesses. Our lower cost of living and less saturated marketplace means the city will soon be buoyed by new investment and new members of the workforce.

Birmingham City Business School

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Finally, we have to mention the real reason why Birmingham is the best city for business school students – our own Birmingham City Business School. Situated at the City Centre Campus, across the road from where the HS2 terminal will be, our School is housed in the impressive Curzon Building, which was extended just this year.

The School offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing, with a large focus on practice-based learning complimented by placements.

We’re accredited by leading professional and regulatory bodies - for example, we’re one of only three public universities to hold a Platinum status from the ACCA. Thankfully, you’re in the best place to find out more about our courses, our staff and our facilities right here, so go and explore!

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