10 Reasons To Study With Us

Business School - 10 Reasons Why Image 710x299 - Woman sat in the Marketing Link Agency Here are our top 10 reasons to choose the Birmingham City Business School.

1. Year-long Placements

On all of our programmes you will gain a professional focus and real world experience, ensuring you are equipped to make an immediate impact in your career. You have the opportunity to embark on a year-long sandwich placement as part of your Undergraduate degree course, at such companies as BMW, John Lewis and Disney. 

2. Built On Business

Both our City Trading Room and Marketing Link Agency mirror facilities you'll find in your future career, with cutting edge software that professionals are using right now. We also boast excellent links with Birmingham businesses. So we have all you need to start your career the moment you walk through the door. 

3. Accreditations

We have accreditations from several awarding bodies, including a platinum award from the ACCA. This means that the course is as professionally relevant and up-to-date as possible, taking into account the very latest developments in the profession.

4. Business Advice Centre

Throughout your study there will be many opportunities that will present themselves for students of all years to work collaboratively with companies on live projects arranged by Birmingham City University. You will work closely with firms to enhance your academic experience and simultaneously provide solutions to the firms as part of live projects under direct supervision from academics and industry experts.

5. Travel Scholarships

There are a variety of exciting possibilities open to you, ranging from our successful international travel scholarships scheme, through which you can spend a summer working for a charitable organisation overseas, to one of our many overseas study exchange programmes.

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6. Birmingham Links

You will study in our state-of-the-art City Centre Campus, ideally located for you to take advantage of our links to Birmingham, the UK's second city. Our campus is also at the heart of the multi-million pound Eastside redevelopment project, which will put us right on the doorstep of the new HS2 trainline. 

7. Graduate +

As a student on one of our undergraduate degrees, you will be able to benefit from our Graduate+ initiative. This three-year award programme enables you to gain award levels for all the extra-curricular activities you undertake so that you can stand out from the crowd on graduation.

8. Market Gaps

Our courses have been designed to address perceived gaps in the business sector to make you more employable. This is reflected in some of our courses offering unique pathway options, allowing you to further specialise in your chosen field. 

9. Expert Talks

Our close links to industry mean we regularly host talks with leading experts in business and beyond. This can give you insight into current trends in the business sector, and inform your future career choices. The University also puts together exciting "City Talks" discussion panels on topical issues throughout the year.

10. Experienced Staff

You’ll learn from industry experienced staff, who have worked for such companies as Tesco and Selfridges. Their invaluable knowledge will give you a teaching experience you won't find anywhere else, and ensure that you have the skills necessary to put theory into practice in your future career.