Student and staff projects

Learning Labs

Dates and rooms for 2018/19 will be available soon.

Learning Labs are open to all staff and students, not limited to those involved with a live project. For any questions, please contact Elodie Wakerley.

Each month a theme is identified for the Learning Lab to focus on (for example, developing resources).
Project presentations
Project teams from SAP and StAMP present developments related to the month’s particular topic. The presentations are co-delivered by staff and students.
Break-out groups
Each of the project teams present a scenario, issue or challenge they have faced related to their project. All attendees will then be able to choose which of the project teams they would like to engage with. The attendees are used as project ‘consultants’ to come up with solutions and make recommendations on how their scenarios can be addressed
Broad aims for the learning labs
  • Share ideas about SAP and StAMP
  • Disseminate project activity and best practice to colleagues
  • Nurture a culture of cross-faculty collaborative working
  • Embed the initiatives, activities, and outputs that are being developed.