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Decolonising Knowledge in Academic Practice Lecture Series – May 2023

The Education Development Service at Birmingham City University invites you to its second annual Lecture Series on Decolonising Academic Practice.

Our first event last year produced a report and some key themes that require further exploration. This year, we focus on the decolonising of knowledge - this is the foundation for change in our research, curriculum, teaching, and structures in Higher Education. While the sector has positively engaged with decolonising as a principle necessary for excellence in teaching, we believe there needs to be continued investigation into authentic principles and actions for decolonising. This goes beyond current trends, inclusivity, and diversity and looks at the root of what “acceptable knowledge” is, who decides on this, and what has been excluded from “official” knowledge to the detriment of accuracy in our pedagogy.

We are hosting this lecture series to focus on specific examples of how decolonising knowledge provides challenges but also opportunities in Higher Education teaching and research. We hope to gain and share insight into how decolonising has been implemented, and how different subjects or types of academic practice can work toward decolonised knowledge. We hope to provide an instructional approach for those who attend the lectures.

The lecture series will consist of a combination of up to 90 minute lectures, and up to 30-minute provocations including time for Q&A.


The series will be held over the course of the month of May.

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