Academic programme support

What is it?

‘LEGs (Learning Enhancement Groups) are a space for a cross-university dialogue with the aim of sharing good and emerging practices; these may be about enhancing the student experience or student outcomes, or focus on areas of interest in the sector. Each topic provides some input and offers opportunities to discuss practices and/or participate in an activity. LEGs are delivered digitally through Microsoft Teams and run for around 45 minutes.

Who is it for?

LEGs are an opportunity to meet with others from across the University's Schools and support Departments - and although the focus is on Academic issues, all staff are welcome to come along and contribute. If you would like to discuss a potential LEG session for the future, please initially contact in EDS.

What do I do now?

Join the LEG Team using this link, and you'll be added to the Team. Upcoming sessions will be held in the Building Belonging Channel, where you'll find a range of resources and outputs from the group discussions so far.