Governance Structure

How the University is run and who is involved.

The governance and strategic decision making structure of the University includes the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, the Board of Governors and the Academic Board which work closely together to oversee different aspects of the University's activities. They provide the leadership to deliver the University Strategy, and are responsible for both ensuring the delivery of the University mission and in determining the future direction of the institution.

The Board of Governors has overall legal and constitutional responsibility for the conduct of the University’s affairs and is supported in this role by six committees which oversee certain aspects of business on the Board’s behalf.

The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the executive management of the University, its day-to-day direction and for implementing the strategic decisions agreed by the Board of Governors.  The Vice-Chancellor is supported in this role and advised by the University’s senior leadership team who, together, form the Vice-Chancellor's Office (VCO). 

The Academic Board is the main academic authority and advises the Board of Governors on matters of academic standards and quality.

The Chancellor does not engage directly in governance or in day-to-day executive management but plays a key ambassadorial role for the University and is its ceremonial figurehead.  In this role, the Chancellor promotes the University’s mission and activities and presides at key ceremonial events including the annual awards ceremonies where the Chancellor confers degrees on our graduating students.


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Board of Governors

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Academic Board

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Vice-Chancellor's Office

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Register of Interests

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