Best pub quizzes in Birmingham

When you want to go out but don’t want to end up in a 2am taxi back home a quiz night is the perfect compromise. A chance to win some prizes, shame your friends and show off that highly developed trivia noggin of yours. We all love a quiz, and Birmingham plays host to some of the best quizzes (and bars) that the UK has to offer. Below is our own curated list of pub quizzes to add to your weekly schedule.

The H&H Pub Quiz - Hare and Hounds

Ask any Birmingham nightlife veteran and they’ll probably tell you about a good night they’ve had in the Hare and Hounds pub in King’s Heath, and that’s probably because it’s a complete all-rounder. Whether you want great drinks, tasty food, local music or comedy nights, the Hare and Hounds has it all. There’s heritage there too, the Grade 2 listed building dates back to 1820 and it was home to local Birmingham legends UB40’s first ever gig in 1979.

But you came here in search of a quiz and this pub doesn’t disappoint. With quiz questions ranging from classic to the downright ridiculous, the weird and wonderful H&H pub quiz is perfect for teams of all experience levels. You can keep an eye on quiz dates and all of Hare and Hounds other great events here.

When: 8 - 11pm, every Wednesday.

Where: Hare And Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7JZ

Entry: £2 per person

Prize: £75 cash prize

SpeedQuizzing - The Lord Clifden

Boasting one of the best beer gardens in the city centre and more awards and award nominations than you can shake a critically acclaimed stick at, the Lord Clifden is a perfect venue for one of Birmingham’s best quizzes. With a street art styled interior and exterior it’s easy to become distracted when your mind should be on all important quiz questions, but this is a quiz with a difference.

Have you ever thought quizzes should be more high tech? Well even if you haven’t, you’ll be glad to be using the SpeedQuizzing app, where there’re no pens, no faffing around with sheets of paper, just a phone and hardcore quizzing. For those newcomers, SpeedQuizzing will be explained by quiz master Stoo (Stuart) Pittaway. Pick your team name, pick your buzzer sound (choose from a range of music and pop culture references) and use the app to answer all the questions that follow. You can even join the Lord Clifden Quiz League and prove your trivia triumphs.

You can keep an eye quiz nights and other events at the Lord Clifden here.

The Lord Clifden not your local? Stoo and his team of quiz masters host speed quizzing nights at a number of great Birmingham venues.

When: 8.30 - 11pm, every Thursday.

Where: The Lord Cliffden, 34 Great Hampton Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6AA

Entry: £2 per person

Prize: Variable cash prize

The Jekyll and Hyde

From the Alice in Wonderland themed courtyard out back to their sophisticated Victorian Parlour upstairs, the bar is cool and quirky, primed for gin and quiz lovers alike. The Jekyll and Hyde is truly a mixed bag of literary references, separating its floors into the Jekyll and Hyde bars, and a great place to relax when you want a more chilled night out.

The Big Theme Quiz takes place in the Jekyll Gin Parlour and will test your general knowledge through a series of rounds. With a setting like this and some of the best gin and cocktails in Birmingham, there’s going to be fierce competition for those bar tab prizes.

When: 7.30 - 9pm, every Tuesday.

Where: Jekyll and Hyde, 28 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6BJ

Entry: £1 per person

Prize: Bar tab prizes

The “one, the only” Eagle and Ball

Sometimes it’s just got to be your friendly student bar the Eagle and Ball. Roll out of your last lecture of the day and use your knowledge to take on the Eagle and Ball quiz master. I’m not going to go on about the Eagle and Ball – you know how great it is, we know how great it is (and if you don’t you really should). If you’re thinking about hitting the Birmingham pub quiz circuit, maybe try testing your mettle here first.

More information

When: 7.30pm, every Thursday

Where: Eagle & Ball, Gopsal Street, Birmingham, B4 7RJ

Entry: £1 per person

Prize: Variable cash prize

Bonus round

Cult classics quizzes - The Old Crown

You probably thought that all your Netflix binging or watching those movies you love again and again was completely unproductive, but The Old Crown is here to give new meaning to your entertainment obsessions. In 2017, The Old Crown (Birmingham’s oldest inn) ran a series of quizzes based on classic TV shows such as Peep Show, The Office, Friends, Harry Potter and Only Fools and Horses.

They’ve promised a whole new host of similar quizzes for 2018, so keep an eye on their event page to see what’s coming!

Where: The Old Crown, High St, Birmingham, B12 0LD

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