Saskia Weston - Florida

The Disney Cultural Exchange programme provided Psychology student Saskia with a once in a lifetime experience working at Walt Disney World Florida over the summer of 2023. 

During my time at Disney, I worked as a merchandise cast member in ‘Galaxy’s Edge’, the Star Wars themed land in Hollywood Studios. Although working outside daily in the extreme heat was a challenge, it was completely worth it as it provided me with an incredible experience, where I was able to meet and work with people from all over the world, which further strengthened my cultural awareness.

During my time living in Orlando, I also enjoyed experiencing aspects of US culture, such as celebrating the 4th of July (Independence Day) and eating foods we don’t have at home.

I would spend my spare time away from work visiting the different beaches, as well as other theme parks such as Universal Studios, so everyday was completely different, with something new to always look forward to.

I have gained valuable connections and friendships from living abroad, which I am extremely grateful for. I am looking forward to going back to Florida this Summer with the friends I made on the programme. I would highly recommend the Disney Cultural Exchange Programme to anyone who loves Disney and may be interested in it! 

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