Online enrolment

Once you’ve accepted your unconditional offer of a place at Birmingham City University you can start your online enrolment as soon as you receive an invitation from us. We’ll already have much of the information from your application form, but we will need you to check this and provide some additional information.

Students in Parkside

To successfully enrol at Birmingham City University, follow these five simple steps:

1. Don’t wait

You can start your enrolment online as soon as you receive your enrolment invitation by email. The email will include a link to your enrolment portal and instructions on how to enrol.

2. Have your details ready

You’ll need the address for where you’ll be living while studying with us (term time address), any relevant qualifications and a passport style photograph.

3. Know your name

It might sound obvious, but the name you give us at enrolment will be the one issued on all documentation, including your degree certificate, so make sure you enter it correctly.

4. Check for accuracy

Make sure everything you declare on your enrolment form is accurate, as we reserve the right to remove any student from their course if it is proven they have falsified or falsely declared information, which we really don’t want to do.

5. Explore

Once you’ve successfully enrolled, you can find your network login details in mySRS within your personal information to start having a look around our University web portal, iCity and get set up with your BCU email account.

Enrolment FAQs

Where is my enrolment email?

The emails are sent in batches so you may not receive it straight away. However, if you don't receive anything within 48 hours of your place being confirmed, please email us using the contact details below so we can check we have the correct email address for you.

Where can I find my enrolment login details?

The enrolment invitation email will include a single sign on link that takes you straight in to the portal without needing your login details. If for any reason this doesn’t work, you can go to and use the forgotten password option.

When I applied for the course I used the wrong email. Can I change this?

You can ask your Faculty/School to change this for you and re-send the invitation email. Please use the contact details below.

I have enrolled online, but I need to complete my On-Campus ID Check. How do I complete this?

You will have been given an induction/enrolment date on the enrolment portal, but you can also search for the enrolment/induction date for your course on our welcome page. The page will tell you when and where to attend and what to bring with you to complete your enrolment.

Where can I find my network login details?

These can be found on mySRS within your personal details. Look out for Student Network Login Details.

If I’m waiting to complete my enrolment on campus, does that mean I can’t set up my email?

As long as you’ve completed the online process of your enrolment, you will have access to our systems including your BCU email and our internal web portal iCity.

The link to my induction date isn’t working. Where can I find the information?

You can search for the date for your course on our welcome page.

I have a query about my induction and can’t find the information on the website. Who do I contact?

You can ask your Faculty/School to change this for you and re-send the invitation email. Please use the contact details below.

When do I start my course?

The majority of courses will start on Monday 23 September, but you will also need to attend your course induction, which you can search for on our welcome page.

We also have Welcome Week for our new students from Monday 16 September so you can meet other students and settle in to life as a BCU student. 

When do I get my student ID card?

You will be sent some information in the next couple of weeks about when and where to collect your student ID card.

When will I get my timetable?

Timetables for new students will be available during the week commencing Monday 9 September. You can access it on iCity or the iBCU app as long as you’ve completed your online enrolment.

Contact details

For general enrolment questions please contact

For course specific questions please contact your Faculty/School using the details below:
Subject areaEmail
Art and Design
Built Environment
Computing and Digital Technology
Health and Sport
Music and Theatre
Social Sciences