How a Master’s has helped me

A master’s degree is not just a way of increasing your employment prospects, it’s also an opportunity to follow your passion. Below are just a few of our postgraduates who followed theirs. Take a look at their stories!

Postgraduate Liam Brolan… Exposing the secrets of UK assassins

Liam Brolan

Working with renowned criminologist Professor David Wilson, Liam found himself working as a research assistant, helping leading criminologists carry out the first ever study into British hit men.

Liam worked alongside Professor Wilson, Dr Liz Yardley and Visiting Professor Donal MacIntyre on the research, which was published in The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice in January and attracted media attention from the likes of The New York Times, The Guardian, Sunday Mail and The Observer. Professor Wilson also spoke about the study on BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed programme.

Postgraduate Maria Jurado… building her future in Architecture

Maria Jurado

Maria Paula Jurado studied and worked in Colombia, but chose Birmingham to pursue her MA in Interior Design. Since then, she has stayed in the region as a full-time Architectural Assistant.

“The course is a platform for people who want to challenge themselves, while honing their creative and design skills,” said Maria. “The course structure is meant to prepare students to address different scale projects, producing high-quality work.”

Since graduating, Maria has stayed in Birmingham and secured full-time work. “I developed my online portfolio and CV, and, through connections I had made at the University, led to a meeting with Glenn Howells Architects (GHA), who offered me a job.” In her role at GHA, she is currently working on the conversion of St George’s House, a listed building in Cheltenham, into an assisted living development.

Postgraduate Tamadher Al Fahal… using art to challenge clichés

Tamadher Al Fahal

After completing a degree in Interior Design at the University of Bahrain, Tamadher came to Birmingham City University to complete her MA. She returned home to teach on her previous course, while also building up her reputation as a practising artist.

Tamadher has contributed to several art workshops and was a member of the Bahraini team at the Venice Architectural Biennale. A venture close to her heart is Project Ulafa’a, which aims to create a comfortable creative environment to listen to different stories regarding socio-political issues from communities across Bahrain, following the recent unrest in the country. 

“For my PhD, my research is mainly aimed at breaking the clichéd image of Islamic art and going back to the profound principles of faith that generated this rich history of art and design. My research is practice-based and reflects my professional role outside research and study; I am an artist, designer and curator and I would love to facilitate my passion for art and community projects as a vehicle in my research.

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