We have a confident, proud and diverse community of postgraduate students at BCU, who are striving to achieve their career goals and transform their lives. Read their stories here.

Tom Fair

Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism - BA

Nostalgia writer at Birmingham Live, Tom Fair, decided BCU was the right place for him to do his postgraduate studies due to the standard of the media facilities and lecturers.

Selina Jahangir

MA Media Production

Selina previously studied an undergraduate degree at BCU and chose to return to complete her postgraduate study. She found that having some more study experience under her belt helped her become more employable and ultimately secure a career in the field of her choosing. 

Sarah Wagstaff

Future Media - MSc

Sarah has always wanted to have a career in marketing, but it wasn’t until she decided to base her undergraduate dissertation on social media influencers that she realised she wanted to explore digital marketing at master’s level.

Nour Albaarini

Big Data Analytics - MSc

In 2011, halfway through his Computer Engineering studies, Nour left Syria with this family and fled to Jordan. After four years he was relocated to the UK through a resettlement programme. It had always been his dream to study in the UK. But with a language barrier and no entitlement to a student loan to cover his tuition fees, Nour began to lose hope. But despite the challenges he secured a place at BCU and went onto achieve a first-class degree. 

Léa Nakache

Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism - MA

With a postgraduate degree under her belt, Léa was finally able to pursue her dream career and landed a job as a Social Trending Journalist at Reach plc - the largest news publisher in the UK – straight after graduation.

Betsy Bradley

Fine Art - MA

Betsy’s art career is flying after studying her Master’s, with a solo exhibition at a Birmingham City Centre gallery under her belt and more exciting opportunities afoot. 

Paige Clarke-Jeffers 900x600 - Paige in a garden

Paige Clarke-Jeffers

Health Psychology - MSc

After lockdown was announced, Paige found it unusual working and studying from home, but BCU’s swiftness in moving everything online has made it easy for her to connect with colleagues, students and academics. Now, Paige isn’t just thriving on her MSc Health Psychology degree – she’s thriving in her advisor’s role, working hard to improve the experience of hundreds of students at BCU.

Elvinah Xhignesse

Media Production (MA)

Growing up in Belgium, Elvinah had big dreams of working on some of the UK’s biggest television shows. She started to make her dreams a reality when she attended a BCU Open Day and soon threw herself into to studying Media and Communication, followed by an MA in Media Production. With enough skills and experience under her belt to break the industry, Elvinah is now working on the likes of The Great British Bake Off, The Love Trap and 24 Hours in A&E.

Abed Ahmed

Secondary Mathematics - PGCE

Abed has had a stammer from a very young age and will continue to stammer for the rest of his life. He was worried that this would affect his chances of becoming a teacher. Thankfully, the staff at BCU provided the support he needed and he’s now working in his dream career.

Christiana Sodamola

Finance - MSc

With her eyes set on setting up her own financial consultancy service, Christiana left her career in Nigeria in search of more skills and experience by studying a Master’s degree.

Jodie White

MA Education

Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as anxiety, Jodie has had a difficult few years. However, she’s using this as the driving force behind her postgraduate degree in MA Education and wants to inspire young students who suffer with the same issues. Jodie has just enrolled onto her course but is hopeful and excited for the future.

I AM BCU Ebenezer Otieno

Ebenezer Otieno

Construction Project Management - MSc

After completing an undergraduate degree in BSc Construction Management in Kenya, Ebenezer decided he wanted to continue his studies and complete a Masters. After researching into a range of universities in the UK, he found that the MSc Construction Project Management course at Birmingham City University would be the most beneficial to his future career.

Billy Benham

Video Game Development – MA

Billy knew it would be tough to break into the competitive video game industry. Studying a Master’s at BCU has given him the experience and confidence to do his dream job.

Lucy O'Sullivan

Physiotherapy – MSc

Lucy had a tough start to her university journey, which made her think she’d never be able to achieve her dream of becoming a physiotherapist. Studying her Master’s at BCU has allowed her to learn from experts, gain work experience and make a start in her physiotherapy career.

Olanrewaju Shonubi

Media Production - MA

Olanrewaju discovered his love for broadcasting as a volunteer at his school’s radio station. BCU has helped him turn his hobby into a future career and he’s now co-hosted on a BBC radio, developed his portfolio and gained the confidence he needs to work in the industry.

Laura Gee

Psychology - PhD

Laura thought that the rest of her life was set out in front of her; with a wife, a child and her own hairdressing business. However, a health scare made her reassess what she wanted in life, and decided to take a leap of faith and go to university. Now studying for her PhD, she has already started teaching other students at BCU alongside her research.

Emily Springall

Visual Communication - MA

Emily lacked confidence in her creativity and design abilities before studying her Master’s. Choosing to continue her studies at BCU has allowed her to explore her creativity in a supportive environment and taught her the skills she needs to make her way in the design industry.

Aiyesha Ayyub

Project Management - MSc

After moving from India to the UK to study, Aiyesha felt excited but anxious to begin her course. But after receiving support and guidance from her lecturers throughout her Postgraduate study combined with her determination, she was able to overcome her obstacles and has learnt to embrace challenges along the way. 

Ben Goodwin

Broadcast Journalism - PGDip

After getting a postgraduate diploma under his belt, Ben is now a Communications Manager at HS2 – Europe’s largest infrastructure project. By doing a postgraduate degree not only did he gain an academic qualification, he also worked towards gaining an exciting career for life.

Nirali Patel

Construction Project Management - MSc

Nirali decided to come back to university to boost her career aspects. Finding a balance between working full time, being a Mum and studying part time was difficult but with support from her lecturers and her admirable driven personality, Nirali now feels confident in taking the next big step in her career.

Runcie Chidebe

Transforming and Leading in Healthcare - MSc

Runcie is changing the lives of cancer sufferers in Nigeria, after being awarded a 20,000 grant to set up a Psychological Support Centre.

Ashley Innis

Real Estate Management - MSc

Ashley studied at BCU for his undergraduate degree and graduated in 2003. Since then, he has had a long and successful career working for Birmingham City Council. He has now returned to study MSc Real Estate Management to further his regeneration and development knowledge.

Kashfa Surme

Urban Design – MA

Kashfa knew she wanted to create smart cities and spaces for people all over the world to live in and enjoy. BCU’s Urban Design course is helping her build the skills she needs to become a successful urban designer.

Jiney Ang

International Business - MBA

Jiney arrived at BCU ready to take the next step in her career. With her sights set on working in a management position, she decided to study an MBA in International Business. With new skills and experienced gained from her time at BCU, Jiney has so far excelled in her career, now working her way up the ladder at KPMG. 

Jess Wythe

Professional Doctorate in Education - EdD

When Jess started her undergraduate studies as an Education student at BCU, she didn’t have the confidence to believe she was good enough to study at postgraduate level. Now, her doctoral research is making positive changes to Special Educational Needs policy and practice and her confidence in her work and ability grows every day.

Silpa Gangi

Enterprise Systems Management - MSc

Silpa chose to pursue a postgraduate degree to help reach her career goals. After working in industry for a few years she decided on MSc Enterprise Systems Management. Not only did Silpa develop her skills and get closer to her dream career but she also found a supportive community which helped her to flourish.

Regan Peggs 900x600 - Regan in his office

Regan Peggs

Legal Practice Course - Solicitor, advocate, and founder of Regan Peggs Solicitors

Regan joined BCU in 1998 to study an undergraduate Law degree. He then went on to study a postgraduate qualification with us, which set him up for a truly successful legal career. Regan now has his very own solicitors’ practice and is thriving within the profession.

Olivia Hodgson

Creative Writing - MA

BCU wasn’t always on the cards for Olivia, who joined us through clearing. But after graduating in English and Creative Writing in 2016, Olivia returned to complete a Master’s in Creative Writing. Since then, Olivia has been shortlisted at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival and will have her debut poetry book published in 2022.

Emeka Okolie

Enterprise Systems Management - MSc

Emeka had a lifelong dream of working in a business consultancy based role. After completing an undergraduate and postgraduate degree already, he felt it was time to follow his passion. Fuelled by his interests in systems, applications and products (SAP) he returned to university to gain a Master’s degree in Enterprise Systems Management.

Sophie Johnson

Public Relations - MA

After many successful years running her own PR agency in London, Sophie returned to BCU as a lecturer to share her industry experience about the world of fashion. She never expected to undertake a Master's, but working at BCU made her realise she wanted to explore the area further and excel at tutoring. 

Avital Prais

Sport and Exercise – PhD

Avital knew from her first year at BCU that researching the menstrual cycle and sport performance was a passion she wanted to pursue. As a PhD student, she’s been able to overcome self-doubt to complete impactful research that will make a difference to others.

Hannifa Best 900x600 - Woman sat on couch

Hannifa Best

Management and Marketing - MSc

Being thousands of miles away from home and entering a new environment and culture didn’t stop international student Hannifa finding a part-time job relevant to her Master’s degree. By building a good relationship with her employer, she’s managed to maintain her work life balance and find time to relax too, as well as gaining crucial experience for her career in marketing.

Paige Jones

Cardiac Care (Professional Practice)

After studying her undergraduate degree in operating department practice (ODP), Paige had a passion to develop her specialism further within her role as anaesthetic ODP in cardiac theatres. So, she started our professional practice course in cardiac care, and has been excelling in her role since with a boost in confidence.


Laura Reid

Planning Built Environments - MA

After struggling to balance a demanding part-time job alongside her studies, Laura was finding it difficult to find time to focus on her university assignments. But when she was offered a job with the Students Union, they were flexible and understood that university was a priority, allowing Laura to complete her course.

Jaspreet Singh

International Human Resource Management - PhD

Jaspreet never thought he would ever get the chance to study in the UK, coming from a small village in the Punjab. Since joining BCU, Jaspreet has taken any and every opportunity he can, and worked to tackle discrimination in the city, now focusing on the issue through his PhD.

Khash Zarrin

Music Industries - MA

Khash was headhunted to be Avid’s Global Demand Generation Marketing Manager after studying a postgraduate degree in Music Industries. With an end goal of one day working as a Global Director or Head of Department for the biggest worldwide music industry companies, Khash knew he had to take his research one step further by studying for a Master's.

Martin Svejda

Computer Research Degrees - PhD

After graduating with a first-class degree in Computer Science, Martin continued in further education and is now in his first year of research towards a PhD in Computational Neuroscience. He has also been able to start a career in his desired industry as a Senior Technician at the University. Amongst this he is able to help and support students, in the same way that his lecturers did for him.        

Mark Radford

PhD, Advance Practice Nursing PgDip, Nursing BSc (Hons)

Mark chose to study at BCU as it was one of the only university’s to offer a three-year Nursing degree at the time. After thriving in his course, Mark went onto excel in his chosen industry and is now Chief Nurse of Health Education England and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for England, as well as a Visiting Professor right here at BCU, and has recently received at CBE for his services to Nursing.

Faizal Mazlan

Future Media - MA

After over 12 years working in the film industry, Faizal decided it was time for something new. Despite being worried he didn’t have the academic skills to complete a Master’s degree, he took a leap of faith and moved to Birmingham from Singapore to start an MA in Future Media. Now he’s learning about subjects he’s passionate about and gearing up for a career in User Experience.

Theo Auld

Secondary Drama - PGCE

As a mature student, Theo had worked in many different roles before realising his true calling was to become a teacher. Some experience as an unqualified teacher cemented this idea. Now he’s nearing the end of his PGCE in Secondary Drama he is looking forward to using his new-found confidence to continue to impact the lives of the children he teaches and the wider community.