Mature students

We welcome mature students to our courses and value the experience they bring. Around 60 per cent of our students are classed as mature - that is, they were aged 21 or over when they started their courses.

There can be many reasons for returning to education. Perhaps you’re looking for a change of direction, a new career or a new interest. Perhaps you felt you ‘missed out’ on higher education earlier or you have been studying at a further education college and now want to take your studies further.

Whatever the reasons, you'll find a welcome environment at Birmingham City University. The large number of mature students here means that there'll be plenty of fellow students who are also getting to grips with the challenges and rewards of returning to education.

We offer a wide range of courses at levels varying from foundation to PhD with all levels in between in subjects as diverse as art and design, health, engineering and law. You may also want to explore our part-time study options.

Meet our student - Amy Foster

"When I finished sixth form, I realised that the course I was originally going to study at uni wasn't for me. I knew that it wasn't something I was passionate about and felt as though I would end up dropping out or spending three years feeling unmotivated. So I decided to go to work and gain some skills and experience whilst figuring out what I wanted to do. I really enjoyed my career but I couldn't see myself doing it forever. I could either stay and climb up the ranks, or find out what I was really passionate about and go for it! I applied to BCU to start the journey towards my dream career, and I'm now studying Criminology."

Amy Foster

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