Planning Your Support

If you're offered a place at the University, our pre-entry disability adviser will contact you by letter or email to provide you with information about support, and invite you to provide details about your specific learning difficulty or disability.

You will be able to provide your details via our online profile form. Our pre-entry disability adviser will also ask what support you've had in the past and what you feel you may require at university. You'll be given information about the funding available to disabled higher education students, Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs), and how to apply for this funding if applicable.

The information you provide will help us advise you about support at university, explain what evidence will be required from you, how to obtain it and who to send it to. We'll provide details about university accommodation and accessibility if this is a priority for you. Get information about our accommodation.

Please remember that you have a responsibility to decide if a course is suitable for you. If you're offered the opportunity to try out any practical activities that will be a key part of the course we advise you to do this. If you're concerned that there may be parts of the course that you may have difficulties with because of your disability or specific learning difficulty, please speak to the school and our pre-entry disability adviser.

There are only two circumstances where we may not be able to provide support:

  • Where there are serious health and safety concerns
  • Where there is the existence of a barrier we cannot overcome

On these very rare occasions we'll contact you to explain these circumstances in detail. We may ask for some help from you - you may be asked to come in to the University and take part in a risk assessment. If we can't find a solution we will discuss this with you and explain the reasons.

Disability support checklist

Make sure you're ready for university with our disability support checklist


Disability support form

If you have a disability, long-term health condition, specific learning difficulty, or mental health difficulty, please complete our online form. It will help the Disability Support Team to assess your support requirements.

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