10 Benefits for Students Living at Home

Ultimately, you are in control of your university experience and what you want to get out of it. Cultural, health or financial factors may dictate if you stay at home, but that doesn't mean you can't have a great university experience. Read our 10 benefits to living at home during uni.

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1) Stay close to family

You may want, or need, to stay close to home so that you are near your family and that’s ok. Going to university is your chance to pick exactly what you want and do what is right for you. If you struggle with social anxiety or constantly being around new people, staying at home might be a great choice for you. You have opportunity for new experiences and meeting like-minded people, but are able to go home to where you feel most comfortable. It’s all about balance.

2) Friendships

Contrary to the popular belief that you won’t meet loads of new people if you stay at home, you will! You may have to invest a little more effort into building new friendships if you aren’t living in student accommodation, but you’ll soon realise there’s lots of other students in the same position as you. Don’t go straight home after every lecture, why not join a society?

If you take the time to really talk to people and actively socialise you will build great friendships. You’ll find people you genuinely want to spend your time with, out of choice, not just because you were allocated the same flat at uni!

3) You could have more money

It can be cheaper to stay living at home as you aren’t going to have to spend your maintenance loan on rent for student digs. Whether you go on society trips, get a new laptop or save up for travelling in the summer, is up to you. Either way it’s a win!

4) You’re in the know

If you’re staying in your hometown for uni you have the advantage of knowing all the best places to go. You’ll know all the best spots for cheap eats and cheeky cocktails. Consider yourself a font of knowledge when it comes to your hometown hangouts. Birmingham is the most popular destination for people moving out of London, with 6,000 individuals making the switch in 2016 (BBC) so you're already ahead of the game if you stay in Brum!

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5) Adventures await

You may be staying at home but it’s likely some of your friends will have moved away. Why not get yourself a 16-25 railcard and make the absolute most of cheaper trains? It will be great fun going on constant adventures to see your friends in other cities and meet all their new friends too! This is also another great way to maintain your friendships with people from home as well as making lots of new friends!

6) Home comforts

Staying at home means you don’t have to share a bathroom with a stranger and you can stay in your nicely decorated room with the true love in your life. Your own bed. Your parents might be kinder on the rent if you do your own laundry, cooking and cleaning - which is a great way of becoming more independent at the same time. You will have chosen to stay at home, for what may be very personal reasons. You don’t need to explain or justify yourself. You do you.

7) No sneaky flatmates

Your food will be safe. Need we say more?

8) Why move?

If your hometown has an amazing uni, why move away? If you can study the course you want at a uni you love, that also happens to be in your hometown, it’s a win-win situation! Don’t feel pressured to move elsewhere just because others are, especially if your hometown is offering exactly what you want! You’re about to spend three years of your life studying for your degree so make sure you’re doing what makes you happy! Birmingham is the youngest major city in Europe, with under-20s accounting for 29% of its population (West Midlands Growth Company) the perfect student environment!

9) Use your time more wisely

If you are commuting to uni from home, the chances are you will make the most of the days at uni rather than rolling back into bed when the chance arises. This is perfect for all you kings and queens of procrastination, as it forces you to manage your time more effectively. When you’re managing your study time around commuting you’ll have more free time at the weekends to go out and enjoy yourself or work your weekend job. You might also be able to find productive ways of using your time on campus and in the city between lectures too.

10) And finally, pets!

One of the hardest things about moving away for uni can be leaving your pets behind. Staying at home means you won’t have to deal with the anguish of leaving them, you’ll get to see them every day and introduce them to all your new friends.

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