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[00:00:18] Joey Hello and welcome to our Millennium Point Facilities Tour. My name is Joey. I'm a graduate from Birmingham City University, We're currently stood outside the Computer Games Technology lab. So let's have a look at some of these facilities in here.

[00:00:31] Micheala So I did mention that the school opened in 1885, but some of these print printing machines and presses are actually older than the building itself,

[00:00:42] Joey Oh hello there you just caught me brushing up on my literature. What's great about these learning facilities is that they're engaging and they're also immersive. So they are as if they are in real life.

[00:00:53] Micheala So you can see all real life hospital equipment, even smells like hospital.

[00:00:57] Various Webinar Hosts Good afternoon, everybody. And welcome to our BCU Open Day today, we are broadcasting live from our Margaret Street School of Art campus right in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. So I'm joined today by four students who are currently studying here at Birmingham City University. So you mentioned kind of having industry standard equipment and getting people ready for industry, what kind of links with industry do we have on our film courses?

[00:01:23] Student Vloggers Here we are in one of the studios where students all have their own space to be creative and messy and make art and be inspired. Y'all want to see computer labs? This is one of the computer labs that I use. It's one of 20 computer labs that we have. There's over one million pounds worth of kit actually here.

[00:01:43] Student Vloggers This is the hive one of the university's lecturing halls. It's really a modern. And as you can see, guys, it's 360.

[00:01:52] During term time the library is actually open 24 hours a day and has sixty five million sources. There's books, there's journals, there's stories.

[00:02:04] Hello everybody and welcome to our architecture and design talk. I'm Toni from BCU. And I'll be your host for today. This a session, especially held for international students and international enquires. Good morning, everybody, and welcome to our personal statement talk.