William Chapman

Video Game Development - BSc (Hons)

None of Will’s family went to university so he’d never considered it as an option. He made the decision to come to BCU after finishing school as it allowed him to gain further qualifications while doing something he enjoys and is passionate about.

"I never planned to go to university. My family doesn’t have a history of going at all really and I’d originally planned to go straight into a career.

I decided that university would provide me with valuable life experience as well as a degree, and all while studying something that I am passionate about and consider a hobby. My family were really encouraging and supportive of my decision and help me financially where they can.

The course I’m on is a two-year fast track degree which means we cover three years of content over two years, so I’m at university over both Summers. It’s an extra challenge as Student Finance and student accommodation aren’t really set up for that, but there are always other people in the same position as you, as well as helpful uni staff, so nothing’s impossible. 

The staff at BCU are really enthusiastic and supportive in helping me succeed academically and as a person. They even helped us to find a place to live during the Summer months at the last minute. The BCU campus is also really nice and a great place to study. Being part of the city centre is one of the things I liked most about coming here. It’s great being so close to everything, including shops, entertainment and transport. 

I’m definitely not the same person as I was when I first started BCU and that’s a good thing. I’m much calmer and more sociable now compared to being horrendously nervous and awkward beforehand. I feel like I’ve made great inroads to my personal development.

The time to work on yourself (both actively and unconsciously) before joining the “real world” has proven incredibly valuable for me, and everyone that I know. It’s given me time to figure out myself and my life in a calmer and less demanding environment, with a lot more support than going straight into a job would have.

To me, “I AM BCU” is a reflection of the place, services and people that have impacted us in some of our most formative and important years."

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