Yasmina Frej

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Yasmina didn’t think university could bring so many opportunities for growth but at BCU, she’s been able to develop academically, professionally and personally.

“I was unsure about going to university, mostly because of the tuition fees and scare mongering around student debt. It seemed like a lot of money, and I wasn’t sure that it would be worth it. However, I have a passion for graphic design that I wanted to pursue, and university study seemed like the best way to do it.

I did some research and found out about how loan repayments work and realised I could afford to attend university, but I still wanted to choose somewhere that would definitely be worth the investment. BCU is known for being a great place to study creative courses and I saw that it offered lots of employment opportunities, so I knew that it would be the best choice for me.

Coming to BCU was the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s massively improved my career prospects as I’ve been able to develop a professional profile and portfolio that I can use in industry. I’ve been able to build this throughout my studies but also during my internship.

My tutors recommended I apply for an internship at a printing company for the summer. They encouraged me to go for it and even helped me with the application. The internship was the best possible way to spend a summer, it helped me gain industry experience and realise how I can use my studies in the real world.

I’ve also been able to develop key skills as a student ambassador during my time at university. It’s helped build my confidence in public speaking and communicating with others, which will be really useful in the world of work.

I was also lucky enough to volunteer at the Birmingham Design Festival which was a brilliant opportunity to build connections with industry professionals and the design world. I met well-known designers and networked with industry professionals, I was able to hear from them about their experiences in the industry and they gave me lots of great advice, it helped me see where my career could take me.

As part of my course, we always have industry speakers come in to do guest lectures, it’s really helpful and interesting. They bring examples of their work and we get the chance to ask them questions about their careers and the industry.

I also enjoy networking with other designers within the university. My course offers lots of chances for collaboration between years. During my first year, it was useful to have advice and guidance from final year students. It helped me feel like I was part of a community and helped me know what to expect on the course.

My tutors are really encouraging and supportive too, they push everyone on the course to be creative in their own way. The variety of knowledge that the tutors have and the different modules on offer give you the freedom to experiment and try out different things. I love the fact that it feels like a comfortable space to make mistakes and learn from them before starting out in my career.

I’ve always struggled with my writing and English skills, so I was nervous when the time came to start my dissertation. My tutors guided me and helped me to get started and the librarians were really helpful in developing my writing skills. They provided me with examples and resources that gave me more of an idea of how to go about writing my dissertation. They were friendly and did everything they could to help. I’m not sure how I would have gotten started without them!

To me, ‘I am BCU’ means being part of a supportive community that inspires freedom and growth.”