£150 credit for new undergraduate students

£150 credit

£150 for you to spend

The University is offering new Home and EU undergraduate degree students enrolling in the 2020/21 or 2021/22 academic year £150 credit to spend, giving you the best possible start to life at BCU.

The scheme is open to all new Home and EU undergraduate degree students, including those on a foundation year, and can be spent on a wide range of items from an online shop stocking books, clothes, art supplies, medical/nursing equipment and more.


How do I get the £150?

Check your university email at icity.bcu.ac.uk. Find the email from bcu@johnsmith.co.uk and follow the instructions. This will enable you to log on to bcu.ac.uk/spend so that you can start spending.

How do I know if I am eligible?

The credit will be allocated to students who meet any one of the criteria below: 

  • First year Home/EU students enrolling on undergraduate degree programmes, including foundation year programmes (£9,250 fee payers only), in the 2020/21 or 2021/22 academic year
  • First year Home/EU students on DipHe Operating Department Practice enrolling in the 2020/21 or 2021/22 academic year
  • Home/EU students progressing from a foundation year to year one in the 2020/21 or 2021/22 academic year
  • International students, only if they are starting a BCU undergraduate degree in the 2020/21 or 2021/22 academic year after completing a BCUIC course

Students on apprenticeship courses are not eligible for this particular scheme.

Where can I spend it?

The £150 will come in the form of credit for use in the John Smith's BCU online shop. John Smith's delivers and administers the credit on behalf of the University.

Do I have to spend the money all at once?

No, but credit must be used before you leave the University.

Do I have to pay this back when I leave or if I withdraw from studies?

No, but only enrolled students are eligible so if you withdraw from your programme the account will be closed and the unspent credit will no longer be available to you. In the event of Interruption to your studies, any unspent credit will be suspended until a time when your registration is reactivated, provided you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

What if I want to buy something that is worth more than £150?

You can use your funds to pay part of the cost and top up the difference with your own money.

How can I find out which books or materials I need?

Your programme leader will be in touch to let you know what books and/or materials you might need. You’ll be able to access the Reading Lists Online site after you’ve enrolled, when you will receive an email with all the information you need to access it.

Can I transfer my £150 to a friend/relative?

No. This funding is not transferable to another individual.

I am joining a four-year integrated Masters programme at BCU in the 2020/21 or 2021/22 academic year, am I eligible?

Yes, as long as you are a Home or EU student as outlined above.

I'm doing part of my degree at Birmingham City University but I'm usually based at a partner college or another university, am I eligible?

Only students enrolling onto an undergraduate degree programme delivered at a Birmingham City University campus are eligible for the £150 credit.

Who can I ask if I have questions?

John Smith's runs the scheme on behalf of BCU and have an email address for any queries. If you have any questions please email: bcu@johnsmith.co.uk.

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