How you will be taught

Our pledge: Our focus is on high-quality, small-group teaching in person, with some digitally-enabled content to ensure no student misses any learning.

Student in class

Key points for you to know

  • Large group lectures will be moved online for semester 1.
  • Teaching groups on campus will be around 30 people in size.
  • Students will be taught in subject bubbles to help contact tracing.
  • Where teaching in bubbles is not possible, face covers will be provided and will need to be worn.

What can I expect?

At the moment, large group lectures are not permitted by government guidance. We have moved these online for semester 1 allowing us to focus on high quality smaller group teaching. Overall contact hours will remain the same with temporary altered balance across on and off-campus scheduled learning. We hope these restrictions will relax over time allowing us to increase face-to-face teaching when safe to do so.

You can expect to be taught in groups of around 30 people, to enable social distancing to take place, and to keep within the government’s guidelines on the size of gatherings. Your tutors will teach you with social distancing in place, but will be in the same room as you and will be able to answer questions you may have during these small group sessions.

You will be taught in subject bubbles wherever possible to enable effective contact tracing should this be necessary. Sometimes, you may need to wear a face covering in your teaching room but we will always make this clear if this is the case.