Lifespan and Behavioural Science

Investigating and developing understanding of the psychological processes that underlie an individual’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development throughout the lifespan.

The research carried out within this centre seeks to develop new understanding in the fields of cognitive processing, social cognition, education, language and literacy, community, inequalities, health and quality of life. We also seek to apply this understanding and ensure that our research has real-world applications and makes a substantial contribution to the wider community. The diverse interests of the members of this research centre enable the centre to take a broad focus in its strategy for enhancing knowledge in a range of fields relevant to the lifespan and behavioural sciences. Centre objectives are growth in research excellence, new knowledge generation and knowledge exchange, through the creation and dissemination of excellent and impactful research, innovation and scholarship.

Centre lead:Dr Jeffrey Wood

Deputy Research Director: Dr Emily Harrison

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Research themes

Addressing psychological and cognitive development across multiple themes.

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