Identities and Inequalities

Researching and engaging with issues of social identities and diverse inequalities in local, regional, national and global societies.

The Identities and Inequalities research centre aims:

  • To examine and address social inequity from diverse disciplinary perspectives, working with broad partners and stakeholders;
  • To use academic research and knowledge exchange to work with community partners to identify, analyse and solve real-world social issues;
  • To examine identities as an important aspect of social, global, political, community and other aspects of human experience and social action;
  • To connect with live and current societal issues, having impact, reaching out to lesser-heard groups, involving them in research in true partnerships, recognising and examining inequities with a view to contributing to a fairer society;
  • To generate relationships and funding to enable us to change lives, practices, organisations and key social processes (such as social policies) through research, knowledge exchange and enterprise.

Our research applications and projects assess inequalities and psychology surrounding race, identity, ethnicity and gender. We study how youth voices can be heard in leading debates. We use Birmingham as a vital backdrop in our studies, winning a grant to walk the city with various stakeholders to discuss the needs, experiences and exclusions of urban areas. In line with Participatory Action approaches to social research and action, our work with society, diverse partners and those that need it remains an ongoing, long-term process.

Centre lead: Dr Geraldine Lee Tre-week

Deputy Research Director: Dr Olga Fotakopoulou

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PhD opportunities

We are interested in hearing from any potential PhD students who are interested in:

  • Examining experiences of inclusion and exclusion within HEI settings (for staff and for students);
  • Enhancing mental health and wellbeing support for students of diverse backgrounds;
  • Decolonisation of the Academy or HEI;
  • Balkan education and professional development of HEIs;
  • Social inquiry-based teaching and learning, and innovative pedagogical approaches

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