Research clusters

Across our research clusters, the Identities and Inequalities research group aims to deliver real world impact on a variety of sectors influencing social policy.

Global identities research centre

Migration, Displacement and Global identities

Examining the changing nature and experiences of societies under conditions of globalisation, as well as the issues of those who decide to migrate.
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Higher Education, Student and Staff Identities, Experiences and Innovative HE Practice

Working around the issue of the identities/inequalities experienced in higher education.
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Human rights campaigners speaking through megaphone

Human Rights, Equalities and Diversity

Bringing together academics from a range of specialisms to focus on equality.
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Social communities tab

Social Psychology, Communities and Policy Change

Examining the way that public policies operate around the broad wellbeing of groups, individuals and social structures.
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Black studies cluster tab

Black studies

Black Studies is an interdisciplinary subject rooted in the experiences of African diasporic communities and in a commitment to improving the conditions faced by communities on a local, national and global scale.
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