Previous Events

Here are some of the past events organised by the Centre for Critical Social Research. Click on the images to see the full details.

Previous Events

The Legacy of the Black Panther Party: 50 Years On

Saturday 15 October 2016    1pm - 4pm

City Centre Campus, Birmingham City University

Dr. Althea Jones-Lecointe (Former British Black Panther)
Dr. Kehinde Andrews (Head of the Centre for Critical Social Research)

On October 15th, 1966 the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was formed by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. The Party quickly spread across the country and chapters were set up across the world, including in Britain.

The Panthers were far more than the gun toting misogynists they are mostly represented as. This event will discuss the real legacy of the Panthers, especially in light of the struggles against racism today.

Tickets for this event are available on Eventbrite.

Black Lyrics Matter with Professor Robert Beckford

Wednesday 19 October 2016    1:30pm - 3:30pm

City Centre Campus, Birmingham City University

How can academic-activists articulate resilience and resistance strategies beyond the hegemony of occidental logo-centrism? Besides community activism, are there other ways of communicating complex ideas, and extending the influence of intellectual thought beyond the borders of the university?

This presentation describes one attempt to address this predicament by appropriating black popular music production, and popular music video as modalities for critical exploration of socio-political and religious cultural issues. The presentation also explores some of the blowback implications for critical method, particularly, epistemology in the academy.

Professor Robert Beckford

With particular research interests in African and African Caribbean history, religion and popular culture, Professor Beckford interrogates the intersection(s) of social history, religious experience and cultural politics.  Professor Beckford researches in written, visual and audio texts and has won numerous awards, including a BAFTA.

He has presented over twenty television documentaries on commercial television stations, including Channel 4, BBC 2, BBC4 and Discovery USA.  Professor Beckford has also worked as radio presenter for BBC Radio.

The Black Mediterranean and the Migrant Crisis

Wednesday 9 November 2016    1pm - 8:30pm

City Centre Campus, Birmingham City University

The aim of the event is to translate social science work on the Black Mediterranean, xenophobia and racism to activists and wider public. The emerging Black Mediterranean concept draws on and expands the “Black Atlantic” to engage with histories of both cultural exchange and racial violence in the Mediterranean basin. This framework is being used by scholars, activists, and artists to understand the historical precedents for the ongoing Mediterranean refugee crisis. It provides a framework for linking border fortification and xenophobia with racism - issues often analysed separately.

During the first session of the day from 1-5pm, we aim to bring together activists and academics to discuss the concept of the ‘Black Mediterranean,’ and specifically how we can link this emerging scholarship with activist work. We hope for this to be a session that bridges gaps of theory and practice and produce some concrete ideas for moving forward.