Crime and Society Research Centre

The Crime and Society Research Centre aims to investigate and develop understanding of societal, criminological and psychological processes underpinning crime, criminality, and criminal justice proceedings, through the creation and dissemination of excellent and impactful research, innovation and scholarship.

Our work seeks to benefit local communities, making substantial contributions to the lives of those around us, through informing policy and practice.

We work with local partners and stakeholders in a variety of ways, to ensure that our research has real-world application and the potential to elicit lasting change.

We also seek to help identify and tackle emerging global issues, working with a network of international partners and collaborators in producing multi-disciplinary research which is at the forefront of current developments in crime-related research.

Centre Director: Dr Laura Hammond

Deputy Centre Director: Dr Adam Lynes

Research projects

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Research strands

The Crime and Society Centre focuses on three important areas, driving research into criminal justice and the judicial system. .

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Members and partners

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