Centre for Security and Extremism

The Centre for Security and Extremism brings together academic expertise from both staff and postgraduates working in the broad area of security studies and specifically issues related to hate crimes, Islamophobia, online and offline hate crimes and political and human (in) security.

The centre's aims are to:

  • To enhance public understanding of the nature of threats to national, regional and human security;
  • To inform debates surrounding extremism and discussion regarding hate crimes and whose security is important;
  • To critically interrogate securitisation strategies and the public discourses which surround them, their implementation, and their wider implications in contemporary social and political contexts;
  • To develop an understanding of how the Criminal Justice System and wider community-based interventions are used to tackle extremism and security;
  • To facilitate student collaboration in research-related activities to ensure that the research activities of the Centre benefit the student experience.

Centre lead: Prof Imran Awan

Deputy Research Director: Dr Damian Breen

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The Security and Extremism Centre is driving research into hate crimes, Islamophobia and more.

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