UOA 18: Law

REF Highlights 2021

Our researchers

11 researchers submitted to this Unit of Assessment.

Our outputs

100% of research outputs were internationally recognised for originality, significance and rigour.

Our research

100% of impact submitted for assessment was judged to have very considerable or considerable reach and significance.

Our REF submission

During the REF 2021 period, the Law School increased the number of academic staff engaged in research and supported them to undertake fieldwork and visiting positions, attend international conferences, and pursue doctoral studies. We have also invested significantly in funding for full-time PhD students, including securing AHRC studentships through the prestigious Midlands4Cities doctoral training partnership.

Our submission to this unit of assessment featured contributions from 11 people, 28 outputs and two impact case studies:

This area of our work also saw five doctoral awards and £139k research income during the REF 2021 period.

Our research

Law research is hosted within the School of Law in the Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences. Our research is characterised by its international outlook, collaborative and interdisciplinary ethos, and a commitment to bridging the gap between research and practice. The Law School’s research mission is to produce research which provides innovative learning experiences that empower and inspire students and that serve the needs of communities by promoting social justice world-wide.

Research in Law is conducted within our three research centres:

  • Centre for American Legal Studies
    A centre of excellence for the study of law and legal matters relating to the USA, and home to the British Journal of American Legal Studies.
  • Centre for Human Rights
    Promoting the protection of human rights, access to justice and the rule of law, around the world. It is also home to the UPR project at BCU.
  • Centre for Law, Science and Policy
    Bringing together academics, students, and professional partners, from a range of disciplines, to co-create interdisciplinary teaching, research, and practice.

The Law School is a hub of intellectual and community outreach populated by legal scholars, practitioners, students, doctoral researchers, and supported by a network of global partners, from Birmingham to Brazil. The School also hosts emerging research communities in international business law and legal education.

Our results in detail

Figures relate to the percentage of the submission meeting each standard:

Overall 2 28 66 2.28
Outputs 3.6 25 71.4 2.32
Impact 0 50 50 2.50
Environment 0 0 75 1.75

See our full results on the REF 2021 website.