Keeping in touch with the research community

Starting a research degree during such an unpredictable time may feel daunting, but to help, we’ve compiled a few handy ways you can keep abreast of the latest news, make friends and stay engaged.

Keeping in touch with the research community, whether working on campus or remotely.

Stay updated

To ensure that you’re kept abreast of the latest developments during these challenging times,  our iCity page (login required) will be updated with communications specific to BCU’s research degree community.

The Doctoral Research College also holds regular meetings with core members of the research community to ensure your studies are not disrupted.

If you have any specific queries, contact your PhD student rep, who will field these questions at the meetings.

Engage with the Library team

Our librarians are here to support you during your research journey, from the initial stages of your literature review to assembling your research findings.

As physical communication remains limited, the Library and Learning Resources team are providing a range of online tools and resources to help, including:

Further library resources are also available (iCity login required).

Don’t be afraid to reach out

There may be times during your studies where you’ll feel stressed and anxious. However, just because a research degree is formed largely of self-directed study, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer on your own, too.

Support for your mental health and wellbeing can be accessed whenever you need it, whether this comes from your supervisors or our BCU Mental Health team.

If you do ever want to reach out, you can arrange a virtual, one-on-one meeting to receive guidance and advice.

Make the most of social media

Whether you want the latest insight from BCU or some important updates from your area of research, there’s never been a better time to utilise social media.

There are a vast array of BCU Twitter accounts to follow, including:

  • BCU Research – The latest news, helpful blogs and important events concerning the University’s research community;
  • BCU Library and Learning Resources – Not only does this account offer important info and resources, they’re on hand to help with any queries you have;
  •  PGR Hub @ City South – A community for PhD researchers based at our City South Campus, organising meet-ups and collaborations;
  •  ADM PGR Studio – The latest info on collaborations, events and more aimed at – but not exclusively to – our art, design and media researchers;
  •  IT Help – Support and updates from our IT team;
  •  BCU Support – Advice and guidance regarding disability, dyslexia, mental health and wellbeing, financial support and more.

It’s highly likely that your supervisors will have their own up-to-date Twitter accounts, as well as the faculty and research group/cluster you are a part of.

Outside of BCU, it would be worth following the likes of Research England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and The Conversation.

For insight on what PhD life is like, the PhD and Productivity YouTube channel has a host of essential videos on conference prep, staying organised and creating your literature review.

Attend and organise events

It’s easy to get bogged down in your research, but it’s vital to ensure you maintain a healthy social life.

Connect with fellow BCU postgraduate researchers on our PGR Net Facebook page, a closed group ran by and for our PhD community.

The ADM PGR Studio also stage engaging conferences, insightful workshops and exciting collaborative events.

If you want to arrange or propose an event or activity, drop a message to your student rep and they’ll be happy to help.