Researcher to chair vital event on the climate crisis

Anastasia Nikologianni is addressing the climate crisis at a new event

Researcher Anastasia Nikologianni will be chairing an event at an exciting new five-day festival designed to help both professionals and the general public tackle climate emergency.

Addressing the climate crisis

The Greener Recovery Festival, organised by the Landscape Institute (LI), will begin on Monday 22 March. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

“The LI is hosting the festival as a training event for people to understand how carbon neutrality can be achieved,” Anastasia explains. “It aims to equip individuals to understand and tackle the climate crisis, as well as biodiversity emergency.

“The festival will include technical advice and policy guidance, as well as interactive workshops and learning sessions.”

Addressing climate emergency

Anastasia, who is part of the Critical Artistic Thinking In Design (CATiD) research hub, has enjoyed a long history with the LI.

“I contributed to their action plan documents,” she explains. “I’ve also been a member of the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Panel, and the Policy and Communications Committee.”

Anastasia will be chairing day three of the Greener Recovery Festival, which will focus on how people can work together towards climate justice and equality.

“The day will consist of a keynote and several sessions, that will stretch from climate equality to children’s play,” Anastasia says. “It aims to raise aspirations and give practical solutions to the attendees.”

Aiming for substantial change

Anastasia believes the festival is a significant and much needed event that will hopefully aid the fight against climate change.

“There is a great pool of very experienced speakers discussing important subjects, including the European Union’s Green Deal, as well as using real-life climate change case studies,” she explains.

“The event does not just fulfil another training requirement – it aims to achieve systematic change, and demonstrate how and what is needed in order to achieve carbon neutrality.”

Recognition of impact

Anastasia was pleasantly surprised to be asked to take part in such a prestigious event.

“To be asked to chair a whole day of this event is amazing,” she beams. “I feel honoured and am really looking forward to doing it.

“It shows that my past and current work in the field of landscape architecture is appreciated by professionals, and can be of use to the way we move forward.

“I also see this as a result of the impact our work in CATiD has and it fills me with passion to do even more in the future.”